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Seat of Buddhist Learning

The Sanctuary is destined to be an important seat of Buddhist learning in Malaysia.


Multi-Purpose Hall & Classrooms

With over 10,000 sqft of event and learning spaces, the Sanctuary will be fully equipped to train competent Dhamma teachers and new, dynamic Buddhist leaders. Sangha teachers — resident/visiting monks and nuns as well as laypeople — facilitate classes for groups/families or individuals from all levels of proficiency.


Authentic Vegetarianism

Kitchen and cafeteria for monks, nuns, meditators, and visitors. Collections from this and all other activities at the Sanctuary will go towards sustaining the social projects under the Ti-Ratana Welfare Society.



9,000 sqft of accommodations, including disabled-friendly facilities. Accommodations range from bunk beds to private rooms for two. In future, solitary meditation practitioners will have the option of living in a kuti (meditation hut).


Monastery & Nunnery

Envisioned as an important seat of Buddhist learning, the local community may engage with our monks and nuns in discourse to further understand Dhamma teachings under the guidance of senior monks. Celebrations such as Wesak and Kathina bring Buddhism to the community. Over time, the Sanctuary will also house a museum and library.

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