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Sanctuary Bentong


Persatuan Kebajikan Ti-Ratana, Malaysia

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Persatuan Kebajikan Ti-Ratana, Malaysia

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Walking In The Path Of The Buddha

Recreation of the 4 major holy sites throughout the Buddha’s life — Lumbini, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar — for those unable to make a pilgrimage to the sacred Mahabodhi Temple in Bihar, India. Through its symbolic architecture, landscape, statues, images, videos, and voice recordings, the wonder of Buddha’s teachings comes to life for would-be pilgrims.

Envisioned as a seat of Buddhist learning in the region, the Sanctuary is ideally set in nature for lay persons to re-orientate and re-centre their lives on Dhamma through physical presence, emotional mindfulness and meditation. Nestled in the lush Pahang forest, this 23 acre property is a short drive from the Karak Highway. With clean air, clear streams and tropical flora and fauna,the Ti-Ratana Sanctuary Bentong blends modern-day amenities with old-world charm.

Architecturally designed to coexist with nature, native wildlife has begun to return to the former rubber plantation, giving guests a glimpse of what Oneness entails and the opportunity to put into practice compassion and loving-kindness with all living beings.


Ti-Ratana Sanctuary Bentong

The blueprint for the Sanctuary had been floating vividly in my mind before I shared it with others: a spiritual space for the Sangha — our fellow monks and nuns — and the Buddhist community at large.

At the Ti-Ratana Sanctuary Bentong, aspiring pilgrims will experience the four major holy sites associated with the life of the Lord Buddha.

The Sanctuary — presently in construction on a 23 acre site in the rolling hills of Bentong town — marks another milestone of the Ti-Ratana Group's mission of building a happy and healthy society.